Clean Power Management
Power Products & Electronics

Energy solutions for challenging industrial applications

Special Coils & Linear Drives &

Analytical equipment and systems

SFC Energy B.V. develops and produces special coils, coil assemblies and transformers with the highest standards of quality. The special coils and transformers can be developed and produced in accordance with customers’ requirements. The products are used for electron microscope lenses or deflection coils, for example.

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Power Supply Solutions

Laser, semi-conductor and manufacturing equipment

SFC Energy develops, manufactures, and markets highly reliable standard and semi-standard platform solutions for demanding requirements in laser and semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, analytical applications, and high-tech industrial systems. The power supply and power management systems from SFC Energy B.V. ensure that the equipment is always reliably supplied with precise power.

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Customized variable frequency drives (VFD)

High-tech industrial control solutions

Save energy and extend motor life with intelligent drive solutions from SFC Energy. At our Canadian site, we develop our customized variable frequency drive (VFD) systems, which are assembled in our CSA/UL-approved integration facility.

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