Clean, off-grid electricity for mobile people and applications

Clean energy
Fuel Cells and Integrated Solutions

SFC Energy's fuel cell solutions offer an innovative and reliable power supply for a wide range of applications. Their high efficiency and environmental friendliness make them the ideal choice for mobile, off-grid power supplies in a wide range of industries.

Hydrogen based Fuel Cells

Power supply with EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solutions for applications up to 200 kW

EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cells are revolutionizing energy production and utilization by providing emission-free and reliable energy. Their versatile potential spans a wide range of applications, from stationary to mobile power supply solutions. The EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell solutions play a key role in this regard. The EFOY H₂Cabinet is specifically designed for stationary backup power supply, while the H₂Genset is optimized for mobile use. These solutions ensure the safeguarding of critical infrastructures, such as serving as a power backup for telecommunication applications or securing water supply systems. Simultaneously, EFOY H₂ energy solutions are employed as reliable and eco-friendly power sources on construction sites, at events, and as backup power for data centers, substations, and business parks. They provide a sustainable alternative to conventional diesel generators.

EFOY Hydrogen

Methanol based fuel cells

Off-grid power supply with EFOY Pro Fuel Cell Solutions for applications up to 2.5 kW

Thousands of EFOY Pro fuel cells are already being used successfully worldwide for off-grid power generation in various applications. They ensure a reliable power supply for measuring stations, mobile and stationary video surveillance systems such as on construction sites or for wildlife observation and serve as a backup power supply in hybrid applications combined with solar energy. EFOY Pro fuel cells are used wherever long-term power self-sufficiency and 100% reliability guarantee cost savings and safety. The EFOY Pro is of course also available in a wide range of fully integrated plug & play solutions for stationary, mobile and stand-alone operation of off-grid devices.


EFOY Fuel Cells for leisure applications

Freedom and convenience for motorhomes, vans, boats and yachts

With EFOY Fuel Cells from SFC Energy on board, you can enjoy an environmentally friendly and quiet power supply on the road. The fully automatic power generator powers your batteries completely independently and maintenance-free. Only the fuel cartridge needs to be changed occasionally. The compact design makes it the preferred choice for motorhome and sailing boat owners who want a reliable power supply away from campsites and harbors. They are the ideal solution for a carefree vacation, even with higher energy requirements.


JENNY and EMILY Fuel Cells for task forces

Portable and mobile power supply for public security

JENNY Fuel Cells are portable power generators for soldiers and ensure continuous battery charging in the field. This allows soldiers to save batteries and reduce weight up to 80 %. The quiet generators increase the soldiers' deployment time and safety. SFC Energy also offers a complete energy network to power soldiers in the field. EMILY Fuel Cells are the ideal solution for the on-board power supply of military vehicles. EMILY's quiet and environmentally friendly operation is undetectable and provides increased security for secret missions. The EMILY Fuel Cells are hardened to military standards and have a NATO stock number.

Public Security

Customer-specific solutions for the oil & gas industry

SCADA & automation solutions

SFC Energy’s locations in Canada, supplies custom-developed and produced intelligent automation, control and measuring solutions for the oil and gas industry. SFC’s experts in Canada assist customers with their many years of technological expertise, comprehensive application experience and innovative industrial solutions with even the most challenging of tasks.

SCADA & automation solutions

Measurement & Instrumentation

Accurate, reliable measurement and instrumentation products are critical to success. At SFC Energy, our product experts understand the need for precise flow measurement and control. It’s why our brand totalizers and turbine flow meters are manufactured to the highest quality standards. It’s also why we partner with industry leaders like Schneider Electric and distribute their field-proven Foxboro measurement and instrumentation products.

Measurement & Instrumentation