Secretary William S. Cohen and General Joseph W. Ralston meet State Minister Siegfried Schneider at SFC Smart Fuel Cell Headquarters to see innovative off-grid power solutions

• SFC Smart Fuel Cell delivers briefing on the use of fuel cell solutions in support of defense applications in both the US and Germany 
• Secretary William S. Cohen: “There is a tremendous need for reliable power solutions with applications in the defense and security markets as well as a market in its infancy state - electric mobility”.
• State Minister Schneider: “SFC provides innovative high-tech products ‘Made in Bavaria’ and sets a clear signal for the importance of CleanTech”.

Brunnthal/Munich, Germany, February 4, 2010 – Former US Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen, General Joseph W. Ralston, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Dan Fata, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO policy today visit SFC Smart Fuel Cell headquarters. SFC is a market leader located in Brunnthal/Munich, Germany, for mobile and off-grid power solutions based on fuel cells. The purpose of the visit is to discuss the fuel cell technology developed by SFC Smart Fuel Cell and the applications in the security and defense markets for military and law enforcement personnel worldwide that require extended power solutions. The Bavarian State Government is represented by State Minister Siegfried Schneider, Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery: “SFC provides innovative high-tech products ‘Made in Bavaria’ and sets a clear signal for the importance of CleanTech. It is an important goal in our growth initiative “Bavaria on the Move: Family, Education, Innovation” to keep Bavaria at the top of the world when it comes to technologies of the future”.
Secretary Cohen: “We were very impressed by the Bundeswehr’s innovative use of SFC Smart Fuel Cell’s solutions in portable as well as vehicle based applications. SFC Smart Fuel Cell’s technology offers solutions for both vehicle and soldier applications. The benefits of this technology include the reduction of weight, near silent charging capabilities, and a high density energy solution. We are truly impressed by this green technology and the wide range of applications such as border protection or off-grid surveillance. The broadest fields of use we see in defense and security applications as well as a market in its infancy state - electric mobility because SFC fuel cells provide vehicle owners a lightweight, clean and emission-free onboard power source”.
 “We are delighted by the visit of Secretary Cohen, General Ralston, State Minister Schneider and Dan Fata”, explains Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO SFC Smart Fuel Cell. “This shows that our products and their technology are leading the way when it comes to silent, lightweight and emission-free off-grid power supply. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Secretary Cohen to further deploy clean fuel cell energy for various purposes including defense and security applications”.
Having sold over 16,000 fully commercialised fuel cells for leisure, industry and defense markets worldwide, SFC Smart Fuel Cell offers reliable, light-weight and zero emissions energy supply far from the power grid. With the portable energy network consisting of JENNY fuel cell and SFC Power Manager as well as the mobile EMILY 2200 fuel cell for vehicle and field-based operations, SFC Smart Fuel Cell ensures that soldiers possess a de-pendable electricity supply for their many electrical devices even in remote locations.
SFC solutions have met rigorous military requirements in extensive field tests and in actual field use by NATO- and Partnership for Peace organisations in Europe and the US for years. SFC Smart Fuel Cell has also received prestigious awards such as first and third place in U.S. Defense Department’s Wearable Power Competition 2008, and the 2009 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award underscore the company’s design and engineering leadership.