Compliance of the SFC Energy Group

Our Understanding of Compliance

Responsible action by all companies of the SFC Energy Group in accordance with our ethical principles and corporate values is essential for our long-term success. Compliance with national and international laws and guidelines is a matter of course for us.

Our Codes of Conducts serve as a framework for the actions of our employees and business partners as well as our suppliers. They ensure full compliance with regulations at all levels within the company. Based on this framework, we enable everyone who has a business relationship with the SFC Energy Group to take responsibility and do the "right thing". By acting responsibly on the individual level at every site and at all levels within our organisation and our supply chain, we as SFC Energy Group can ensure full compliance.

Our Codes of Conduct

The Codes of Conduct of the SFC Energy Group define our responsibilities as well as our commitment to integrity and are based on five corporate values that serve as guidelines for proper conduct:

  • Customer Focus and Passion
  • Sustainability and Responsibility
  • Fairness and Integrity
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Diversity

We expect our business partners, including suppliers, to live up to their social responsibility in all their business activities. With the Code of Conduct for our business partners, we therefore also want to play our part in taking responsibility for our supply chain.

Code of Conduct for Employees Code of Conduct for Business Partners

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Contact persons and information on infringements

Indications of compliance violations against our Codes of Conduct as well as laws and internal guidelines can be reported to our Compliance Officer at All reports will be treated confidentially and with due diligence. In addition, our Managers and the Management Board of the SFC Energy Group are always available to our employees as contacts.

This offer is further extended by the possibility to report indications of possible violations of the law or internal guidelines to the Ombuds Office of SFC via an anonymous internet-based whistleblowing system.

SFC Ombuds Office

Our whistleblowing system, together with our Codes of Conduct, forms our "Compliance Section". The purpose of this system is to ensure that any behaviour that does not comply with our guidelines and applicable national law, or even suspected criminal offences, can be reported anonymously. This allows us to investigate the facts of the case without compromising the protection of the whistleblower. With the help of our whistleblower system, we want to ensure transparency in dealing with possible violations and problems and resolve them as quickly as possible before they can harm the SFC Energy Group or the community. Our whistleblowing system takes compliance reports from employees as well as from business partners and suppliers and follows up every single request.

At this point, we would like to encourage every individual to use our whistleblowing system to inform us of any suspected violation of rules or laws as well as any misconduct, especially corruption or discrimination. At the same time, we assure that no one will be disadvantaged by this.