SFC Fuel Cells & Energy Solutions

Environmentally friendly, reliable, quiet, independent of weather conditions. Power generators and fully integrated energy solutions by SFC Energy are in use worldwide. Learn more about our fuel cell and energy solutions.

EFOY Hydrogen 2.5

The EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2.5 complements the extensive product portfolio of SFC Energy with energy solutions in the higher power range. Nominal outputs from 2.5 to 50 kW can be individually scaled with just one control unit.



For industrial applications, EFOY Pro fuel cells are the ideal power generators. The EFOY Pro is used for on-board power supply in vehicles, as off-grid power supply, e.g. for monitoring systems, measuring stations, oil and gas and many other applications.



EFOY fuel cells have been developed for the leisure sector and ensure a fully automatic recharge of the battery, e.g. in a motorhome, on a boat or in a cabin.



For the special requirements of military users and security applications, SFC Energy offers a special fuel cell for vehicle integration or as a remote power supply.



For the special requirements of military users, SFC Energy offers a special lightweight, portable fuel cell for field use.


SFC Power Manager

The SFC Power Manager 3G is a portable, intelligent power distributor and battery charger. The SFC Power Manager 3G enables the soldier to use all energy sources available in the field such as hybrid batteries, solar panels, vehicle power and fuel cells to power devices or charge batteries.


EFOY Hybrid Energy Solutions

SFC Energy is constantly working to develop complete solutions for various requirements. EFOY Pro energy solutions combine power generation via EFOY Pro fuel cells and energy storage with batteries in a suitable housing.


Drives & Motor

VFDs make motors function effectively by helping to deliver only the amount of energy the motor needs to do the work. In doing so, VFD’s extend the life of the motor, improve power efficiency and create a dramatic energy savings.


SCADA & Telemetry Solutions

Telemetry and SCADA systems allow users to monitor and control remote field operations across a widely dispersed infrastructure. We help customers address these challenges and optimize remote operations and assets with best-in-class products and integrated, secure, cost-effective telemetry and SCADA solutions.


Measurement & Instrumentation

In addition to VFDs, telemetry and SCADA systems, as well as EFOY Hybrid Solutions, SFC Energy’s location in Canada distribute a number of their own tried and tested measurement products as well as a complete range of high-quality Foxboro measurement devices from Schneider Electric.


Power Supply Solutions

The SFC Energy B.V., a company of the SFC Energy Group in the Netherlands and Romania, develops, manufactures, and markets highly reliable standard and semi-standard platform solutions for demanding requirements in laser and semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, analytical applications, and high-tech industrial systems.


Coils & Linear Drives

SFC Energy B.V. develops and produces special coils, coil assemblies and transformers with the highest standards of quality. The special coils and transformers can be developed and produced in accordance with customers’ requirements. The products are used for electron microscope lenses or deflection coils, for example.


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