SFC Smart Fuel Cell Launches EMILY 2200 Fuel Cell

• International launch of mobile fuel cell EMILY 2200 at AUSA 2009
• EMILY 2200 provides quiet, lightweight and reliable power supply
      as auxiliary power unit onboard military vehicles
• Off-vehicle, the EMILY 2200 functions as long-lasting power source and field-based
       charging station 
• EMILY 2200 delivers fully automatic power for several weeks without intervention

BRUNNTHAL/MUNICH, Germany — Oct. 5, 2009 — SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG, leading supplier of fuel cell products for mobile and off-grid power applications, today announced the launch of the EMILY 2200 fuel cell at the 2009 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, D.C. The EMILY 2200 fuel cell delivers long lasting, reliable power supply for on- and off-vehicle defense applications. Integrated into tactical vehicles or in the field, the fuel cell operates as a ruggedized fuel cell power generator.

As an auxiliary power unit onboard military vehicles, the EMILY 2200 keeps vehicle batteries charged automatically, reliably, quietly and virtually emission-free. It delivers power for devices ranging from radios and other communication equipment to night-vision goggles, navigation devices and computers. The EMILY 2200 is undetectable by sound or smell and generates power almost imperceptibly — eliminating the need to start a vehicle’s engine to charge batteries.

Off-vehicle, the EMILY 2200 provides power for mobile and stationary defense applications. It is being used in unmanned applications as well as a field-based charging station for batteries. It also can be combined with other alternative power sources like solar or wind. The EMILY 2200 continues to produce maintenance-free electrical power for several weeks.

For operation, the EMILY uses a fuel cartridge; for example, a 10-liter cartridge weighing 8 kg (18 lbs) has enough capacity for more than 10 kWh. This fuel cartridge is sufficient to power devices for more than 100 hours.

 “With the EMILY 2200 we offer soldiers in the field a mobile, fuel-cell-based energy supply that guarantees reliable, lightweight and emission-free power, both on-vehicle and off-vehicle,” said Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell. “Due to its flexibility, the EMILY 2200 makes an important contribution to the safety, effectiveness, higher mobility and energy efficiency of soldiers on missions.”

The EMILY 2200 underscores SFC Smart Fuel Cell’s leadership in off-grid energy solutions based on fuel cells. In the past five years the company has sold more than 15,000 fuel cell products. The M-25 Portable Fuel Cell System and the JENNY fuel cell won first and third prizes in the U.S. Department of Defense’s 2008 Wearable Power Competition. Moreover, SFC has created an efficient energy network by combining intelligent power solutions, the JENNY and the SFC Power Manager. In combination, the JENNY and the SFC Power Manager can recharge several batteries and power a variety of equipment at the same time. This energy network delivers a maximum of power and flexibility, while significantly reducing battery weight for soldiers in the field.

SFC Smart Fuel Cell will demonstrate the EMILY 2200 and its energy network during the AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition:
• German Pavilion, Booth 962,
• Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.
• Oct. 5-7, 2009
Visit www.sfc.com for more information.
About SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG
SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG (www.sfc.com) is market leader in fuel cell technologies for mobile and off-grid power applications serving the leisure, industrial and defense markets.  As one of Germany’s technology pioneers, SFC has won numerous innovation awards.  SFC has alliances with leading companies in a wide range of industries.  Unlike most other fuel cell manufacturers, who are in the research and development phase or run subsidized demonstration projects, SFC has shipped more than 15,000 fully commercial products to industrial and private end users for more than five years, and has created a convenient fuel cartridge supply infrastructure. SFC is DIN ISO 9001:2000 certified. SFC is based in Brunnthal, Germany, and has a sales and technical service office in the U.S.

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