SFC Energy cooperates with ePropulsion in the field of electric boat drives - EFOY fuel cell provides power for the test winner outboard motor Spirit 1.0 PLUS

SFC Energy and ePropulsion announce cooperation at INTERBOOT trade fair +++ The recently presented EFOY direct methanol fuel cell enables more sustainable independence from the power grid and charging times

Brunnthal/Munich, Germany, September 18, 2020 – SFC Energy AG (F3C:DE, ISIN: DE0007568578), a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, announces a cooperation with ePropulsion, a leading international manufacturer of electric boat drives, at the INTERBOOT industry trade fair in Friedrichshafen, which starts tomorrow (September 19 to 27). The EFOY fuel cell will supply the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 PLUS outboard electric motor for even more range and autonomy.

In its print edition 19/2020, Europe's largest sailing magazine "Yacht" selected the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 PLUS as the winner of an electric outboard motor comparative test. The specialist editorial team was particularly impressed by the long range of the unit. The compact but extremely powerful engine delivers 3 HP and is suitable for boats up to 1.5 tons weight. At full speed, the motor with a rated capacity of 1,276 watt-hour (Wh) has a running time of 1 hour and 15 minutes; at economical driving (approx. 300 Watt), the battery power is sufficient for a four-hour trip.

All sailors and boaters who want to increase the engine's running time can now do it easily and comfortably with the EFOY direct methanol fuel cell. If boaters are traveling at medium speed with 300 Watt and the EFOY fuel cell feeds approx. 75 watts (W) during a four-hour trip, additional 300 Wh are available. In this way, the fuel cell range extender function will provide another hour of travel - an increase of 25 percent.

There is another advantage for sailors. They can use the charging function of EFOY fuel cell while sailing, i.e. when the engine is switched off. If there is no wind, the EFOY fuel cell will be fully charged and the engine will let the sailing continue. This is an extremely important function because moorings often do not have enough power supply to charge the battery.

This is where SFC Energy comes into play with more than 15 years of expertise in water sports and leisure boats. Long battery charging times are avoided and the motor is supplied easily and quickly with energy. At the same time, the EFOY fuel cell reliably supplies the on-board electronics with power. Since the number of consumer appliances is constantly increasing, the technology offers a practical and sustainable solution. The fuel cell is silent and environmentally friendly, yet extremely powerful.

“At SFC Energy we always focus on future issues and provide sustainable answers. New mobility concepts are definitely one of them. Together with our partner ePropulsion, we provide boaters and sailors with a powerful, environmentally friendly and comfortable solution based on ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 PLUS and EFOY fuel cell. Both partners profitably combine their long-standing expertise in drive and fuel cell technology in this cooperation. Everyone benefits: partners and sailors - but most of all the environment,” says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy AG.

“We are very glad about the cooperation with SFC Energy. The market for electric boat drives is exciting and is dynamically growing. Together we will resolutely grasp the opportunities with our innovative solution,” says Danny Tao, founder and CEO of ePropulsion.

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SFC Energy AG (www.sfc.com) is a leading provider of hydrogen and direct methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions. With the Clean Energy and Clean Power Management business segments, SFC Energy is a sustainably profitable fuel cell producer. The Company distributes its award-winning products worldwide and has sold more than 65,000 fuel cells to date. The Company is headquartered in Brunnthal/Munich, Germany, operates production facilities in the Netherlands, Romania, Canada and India. SFC Energy AG is listed on the Deutsche Boerse Prime Standard and has been part of the selection index SDAX since 2022 (GSIN: 756857 ISIN: DE0007568578).

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ePropulsion Technology is an industry-leading electric outboard manufacturer. The company designs and produces electric outboards and pod drives from 3HP to 9.9HP, and more powerful products are coming. Founded and incubated in 2012 in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the company has strong engineering background and culture, focuses on building reliable and easy-to-use products. ePropoulsion has more than 150 employees and dealer networks all over the world. For more information, please visit www.epropulsion.com.

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