EFOY Pro supplies power to art project in the Swiss Alps

In the summer of 2021, the artist duo Gu00c6G (Wolfgang Aichner and Thomas Huber) installed a large clock in the rock opening at Fuorcla digl Leget, a rock gate not far from the Julier Pass (Switzerland). The people who approached it experienced something unique: they were witnesses to the slowing down and standstill of time.

When you moved away again and the second hand started up again, it became clear that you as an individual had an influence on the clock (or even the real passage of time?). The EFOY Pro fuel cell supplied the clock with power and ensured a reliable operation regardless of the weather.

Volunteers and technicians from Switzerland and Germany including three horses carried the necessary individual parts from the pass road up to 2,650 m to the rock gate. Taking into account the smallest possible ecological footprint in the high alpine region, the installation was removed again without a trace in autumn.

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