At the annual balloon world championship, the EFOY Fuel Cell supported the team of WICKIPARTNERS BALLONTEAM

At the annual balloon world championship, the Gordon-Bennet-Cup, where the goal is to fly the biggest distance compared to the competitors. The team of Balthasar Wicki were supported by our EFOY Fuel Cell.

Our EFOY Fuel Cell supplied the power for the electronic devices as well as the communication devices. The pilots of the balloon could easily communicate with their team colleagues without any distraction and got information about the newest weather phenomena. The adventurous journey across Europe was done without any trouble thanks to the EFOY Fuel Cell. It enabled the team of Wickipartners to get under the top ten attendees.

„The System from EFOY worked perfectly fine, we never had any problems with our power supply for the whole avionics and our communication. That was only possible through your help, and therefor I want to thank you!“ a statement from the pilot Balthasar Wicki.

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