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24 Jul 2019, Investors, News, Press Release

PBF receives follow-up order for industrial high power supply solutions in metalworking in the amount of just under EUR 1 million

PBF’s high power supplies are used for metalworking equipment in automotive, aerospace, industrial, and medical technology applications. +++ The power supplies were built on the basis of proprietary PBF technology and expertise to precisely meet the specific mechanical engineering requirements in this application. +++ Total order amount: approx. EUR 950,000 until Q2/2021.

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Press Release

17 Oct 2018, Investors, News, Press Release

PBF Group B.V. receives serial order for fully integrated laser power supply systems

Order is for LASY series power supplies by PBF in various configurations for ideally adapted number of channels in laser systems. +++ LASY series builds on PBF’s successful standard and semi-standardized High Power Platform for fast and cost-attractive customization. +++ Order amount in the middle six-digit EUR range. Annual revenue potential following system introduction in 2020: approx. EUR 2 to 3 million.

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Press Release

05 Jun 2018, News, Press Release

PBF introduces new standard in high performance industrial power supplies: The PBF High Power Standard Platform - LAPS series

PBF’s water & baseplate cooled, standard and semi-standardized High Power Platform enables fast, cost attractive and highly efficient power supply solutions for dynamic loads in demanding applications like laser, plasma technology and other high tech fields. +++ In the new series, PBF features a range of attractive commercial off-the-shelf products, based on successful PBF High Power Platform developments over the last three years. +++ LAPS3800 is designed especially for highly dynamic requirements in laser and semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, analytical applications, and high-tech industrial systems, complete with UL/CSA certification.

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Press Release

19 Sep 2017, Investors, Press Release

PBF receives new order for integrated power supply system for high tech industrial networks

PBF Group B.V. announces the receipt of a power supply order from a new major customer. This industrial customer has ordered the development of fully integrated power supply systems for the operation of mission critical networks for urban rail systems. Starting 2018, the Company expects annual product sales revenues between EUR 0.5 and 1 million from this new power supply.

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20 Apr 2017, Investors, Press Release

Dutch subsidiary PBF delivers Power Electronics prototype for aviation applications

PBF Group B.V., Dutch subsidiary of SFC Energy AG, announces the delivery of a first series of power supply prototypes to be used in commercial aircrafts. The delivery builds on a prior development order and has a total value of EUR 0.5 mio. Over the coming months, the customer will qualify the prototype power supplies in the application. Commercialization of the new power supply is expected for 2018.

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