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20 Mar 2019, News

EFOY COMFORT Easter Promotion

Prick up your ears! Just fill out the online form together with your dealer when buying an EFOY COMFORT and receive the EFOY “carefree-package“ for free.

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Press Release

07 Mar 2019, Investors, News, Press Release

Partner Oneberry is one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore

Oneberry Technologies is ranked 19th in Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies survey, 1st in the Security Automation Category, an initiative jointly organized by The Straits Times and Statista. +++ Oneberry’s automated mobile surveillance solutions use EFOY Pro fuel cells by SFC Energy for power autonomy and reliability and environmental friendliness. +++ EFOY Pro fuel cells are used by government and industrial users in many parts of the world for ensuring reliable off-grid power to defense, security and surveillance applications.

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Press Release

08 Jan 2019, Investors, News, Press Release

Simark Controls receives order for fully integrated VFD Systems from new oil producing customer

Simark Controls wins new major customer: Canadian Oil Producer places order for Simark’s successful, fully integrated Variable Frequency Drive Systems (VFDs) for their oil assets. +++ Simark’s VFD systems help the oil producer to significantly reduce costs with unique installation and operations benefits. +++ Order amount: In the upper six-digit CAD range. Delivery and sales & earnings reporting still in 2018.

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23 Nov 2018, Investors, News, Press Release

SFC Energy enters into hydrogen technology – SFC and adKor sign development partnership and licensing agreement for new H2 fuel cell generation with energy management

SFC Energy is granted access to the existing product portfolio, expanding the SFC power range midterm up to 100 kW with the new fuel cell. +++ adKor grants SFC Energy a non-exclusive license to IP rights of former FutureE, P21, and Heliocentris. +++ The H2 technology builds on 30 years of fuel cell expertise. This will significantly shorten development time and lower development cost. +++ The strategic extension of SFC’s product portfolio opens attractive new applications in critical infrastructure and telecommunication, in back-up power and – in the long run – also in e-mobility. Both companies will develop the new hydrogen fuel cell generation together and sell it to their individual core markets.

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