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EFOY Pro fuel cell order from new Oil & Gas customer

Simark Controls Ltd., a subsidiary of SFC Energy, has received a new EFOY Pro fuel cell order from a new major energy customer: The Canadian oil & gas producer will use the fuel cells to power their off-grid control and monitoring equipment throughout Canada. The order amounts to approx. CAD 0,4 million.

In the past, the oil producer had to use standalone solar modules or thermoelectric generators (TEGs). Both technologies have serious disadvantages in cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions which can result in power interruptions and system downtime. SFC’s hybridized solar/fuel cell power systems eliminate these reliability issues and provide a robust streamlined solution for dependable 24/7 asset operation regardless of weather conditions.

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Polaris Defense presents modified high mobility tactical vehicle with EMILY fuel cell

The EMILY 3000 fuel cell by SFC Energy AG is the power generator on board of Polaris Defense’s modified MRZR-D4 high mobility tactical vehicle. As demonstrated during the recent DSEI exhibition in London, the MRZR-D4 is an ultra-light tactical vehicle developed by Polaris Defense for the demanding mobility needs of international special operations, expeditionary and light infantry forces in off-road missions and emerging threats. On board of the MRZR-D4 an EMILY 3000 fuel cell provides sustainable, reliable tactical power for extended mobility and enhanced mission endurance.

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SFC Energy receives fuel cell order from Russian partner Stabcom Energy for powering off-grid emergency cabins

SFC Energy AG has received a fuel cell order by Russian partner Stabcom Energy. In hybrid operation with solar, SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro fuel cells will deliver power to telecommunication and emergency cabins along the 311 km Kolyma federal highway from Magadan to Yakutsk in the Far East of Russia. Stabcom partner and internet service provider Arbuz LLC is implementing the project with support of the regional government.

A ride on Kolyma track is a dangerous experience: The road winds through rough terrain and over mountain passes exposed to fierce weather. Up to now, there was no mobile phone service along the road. Now, travelers can call for emergency help at ten autonomous cabins. In the heated cabins, they will also find first aid kits, water, food, and warm clothes. Cell phones will have mobile network connection in a radius of 200 m around the stations.

“Our EFOY Pro/solar hybrid solution significantly increases the safety of travelers on Kolyma highway,” says Kirill Ettenko, Director of Arbuz LLC. “People died here in the past because they could not call for help or did not find shelter from arctic temperatures. Now, there will always be power, heat, and a mobile network connection for them in the cabins.”

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Over 50 % of this year’s Minitransat boats use EFOY COMFORT fuel cell

The EFOY COMFORT fuel cell of SFC Energy AG, a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, is made for winners. In this year’s Minitransat regatta over 50 % of the registered boats have a fuel cell on board: 45 of the 84 registered boats use the popular power generator for providing environmentally friendly power to critical communication and navigation equipment and other devices on board, on demand and without any user intervention.

“In single-handed sailing, any device the skipper does not have to operate and every kg less means a competitive edge”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “Our fuel cell is connected to the battery that supplies power to the devices. The fuel cell continuously monitors the battery’s charge state and recharges it on demand, fully automatically. The skipper does not have to do a thing, and yet he can always be sure that his devices will be reliably powered at any time.”

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EFOY Pro fuel cell reliably powers Vikomobil communication trailer

SFC Energy AG announces the integration of their EFOY Pro fuel cells in the new Vikomobil of Vites GmbH, Ottobrunn, Germany. The fuel cells deliver intervention-free off-grid power and long autonomy to the communication systems on the trailer.

Vikomobil is a mobile network communication vehicle trailer for government and public safety organizations. In large-scale emergency scenarios or during major events, the system provides integrated solutions for mobile broadband communication between operation site and control center. Vites realized the project with the support of SFC Energy and other cooperation partners.

“The number of EFOY Pro fuel cells operating off-grid autonomous security and surveillance applications is growing rapidly,” says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “As sole power source or in hybrid operation with solar modules, the fuel cell features ultimate flexibility, autonomy and reliability for an interruption-free power supply away from the grid.”

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PBF receives new order for integrated power supply system for high tech industrial networks

PBF Group B.V. announces the receipt of a power supply order from a new major customer. This industrial customer has ordered the development of fully integrated power supply systems for the operation of mission critical networks for urban rail systems. Starting 2018, the Company expects annual product sales revenues between EUR 0.5 and 1 million from this new power supply.

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Canadian subsidiary Simark Controls receives new CAD 1.25 million order

Simark Controls Ltd., a subsidiary of SFC Energy, leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, has received major orders for their proprietary Variable Frequency Drive systems (VFDs) from a new customer in the Alberta oil sands. The orders amount to approx. CAD 1.25 million.

The VFD Systems operate electric submersible pumps (ESPs) used to artificially lift heavy oil from the well-pads. The VFD’s unique installation and operations benefits significantly reduce installation and operating costs. Additional benefits are improved pump uptimes, optimized pump operation and augmented oil production.

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SFC Energy and AITC sign U.S. partnership agreement for EFOY Pro fuel cells in off-grid Department of Defense training facilities

SFC Energy has signed a partnership and distribution agreement with Advanced IT Concepts Inc. (AITC), Winter Springs, FL, USA. In the context of the agreement, AITC will sell and service SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro fuel cells as reliable off-grid power source for powering defense equipment in such environments as training facilities, test ranges and other similar applications.

In the context of the agreement with SFC Energy, AITC will introduce the EFOY Pro fuel cell in their ongoing and upcoming government and private sector contracts. To ensure ultimate efficiency and optimum service quality, AITC engineers have been trained and qualified by SFC Energy experts in fuel cell installation and service.

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Partner Oneberry launches first autonomous Fuel Cell powered Security Robot

SFC Energy AG announces the integration of its flagship product EFOY Pro fuel cells into RoboguardTM, an innovative autonomous Security Robot developed by Oneberry Technologies in Singapore.

Oneberry Technologies developed RoboguardTM in order to address manpower shortage in the Singapore security sector while increasing productivity and raising the level of security for public clients. Oneberry Technologies is an established award-winning innovative security and surveillance solutions provider and is SFC Energy’s exclusive partner in Singapore. Recently Oneberry had won a multi-year tender for providing the most reliable integrated off-grid security and surveillance solutions for public and state security.

Powered reliably by SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro fuel cells, RoboguardTM is able to operate autonomously and maintenance-free for up to a month without intervention. All required is a simple minute fast hot swap of the fuel cartridge. RoboguardTM can be deployed anywhere in just minutes, freeing existing security personnel from foot-patrol duties and allowing them to perform higher value skilled tasks.

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EFOY COMFORT on board of a World Record

Congratulations to Mikael Ryking and his co-skipper Irina Gracheva for their great achievement. The two monohull sailors sailed within 13 days, 5 hours and 19 minutes from Bermuda to Plymouth (2870 miles) with the EFOY COMFORT on board. World record!

"We are very pleased with the EFOY fuel cell. It simply runs smooth and silently and we didn't need to charge our batteries at any time with the diesel engine during the 2870 nautical miles passage that took us 13 days to complete. We had some seriously challenging weather with 45 knots of wind on average for three days in a row. The sea grows wild and we were knocked down with mast and sails in the sea at two occasions. But the EFOY fuel cell continued as before to deliver power to the onboard electronics. Amazing! This is part of the future.” Mikael Ryking, skipper of Talanta

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Photo by Irina Gracheva