SFC Energy brings many years of innovative off-grid power solutions expertise to industry. The Company, owner of the globally established EFOY COMFORT and EFOY Pro fuel cell generator brands, has sold over 37,000 of its systems into a large number of industrial, defense and consumer applications.

In these applications SFC Energy's environmentally friendly, silent, weather independent power generators and plug & play energy solutions provide reliable, fully automatic, remote controlled power to all kinds of electric and electronic devices in the field, anytime and anywhere.
Equal success is achieved with a broad range of high quality power supply solutions and special coils developed by PBF Group B.V.
PBF develops, manufactures and markets power conversion solutions from simple power supply units to customized, highly complex power systems for industry, machinery and equipment.
Simark Control Ltd. completes the offering of SFC Energy, as they act as distributor, integrator and service provider for equipment in industries like oil and gas, mining, power and municipal services.