Vehicle-based and portable power generation for our security

Reliable electricity 24/7 for defense and security

EMILY fuel cells for reliable on-board power generation

On-board power supplies for military and surveillance vehicles

EMILY fuel cells are the ideal solution for the on-board supply of power to military vehicles. The low-noise, eco-friendly operation of the EMILY cannot be detected, ensuring more security where secret signals are concerned. The motor or engine no longer needs to be started. EMILY fuel cells are toughened to military standards and have a supply number (NATO stock number).

EMILY fuel cells

JENNY fuel cells and energy network

Portable power supply for security & defense

JENNY fuel cells are portable power generators for soldiers and provide a continuous back-up charge for field batteries. This means that soldiers are able to save batteries and thus reduce the amount of weight they carry by up to 80%. The quiet power generators increase the soldiers’ deployment periods and safety. SFC Energy also provides a complete energy network to supply power to soldiers on deployment.

JENNY fuel cells

“The fuel cells bring our customers significant advantages”

Border protection forces in outlying locations benefit from a significant reduction in weight, reliable operation and crucial cost and logistics savings compared to the heavy generators that were used in the past.

Karandeep Singh, Managing Director of FC TecNrgy, New Delhi, India

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