Clean, off-grid electricity for mobile people and applications

SCF fuel cells in
Clean Energy & Mobility

On-board power supplies
with EFOY Pro fuel cells

More and more applications are becoming mobile: security and surveillance vehicles, mobile offices, police and authorities operate a range of equipment on board that needs to operate reliably, round the clock, quietly, in an eco-friendly way and often in a concealed manner, e.g. cameras, measuring devices, sensors, data recording systems or remote control installations. EFOY Pro fuel cells provide virtually noise and emissions-free electricity for days on end without any intervention from the user, and without having to start the vehicle’s engine.


Reliable power supply

Off-grid power supply with EFOY Pro – static and mobile

Thousands of EFOY Pro fuel cells are already being used for the off-grid generation of power all over the world. Whether for the reliable supply of power to measuring stations used for environment monitoring, construction site security, wild animal surveillance in the Antarctic or static surveillance cameras in Singapore. EFOY Pro fuel cells are used wherever long periods of autonomous power and 100% reliability mean reduced costs and increased safety. Of course, the EFOY Pro is also available in a wide range of fully integrated plug & play clean energy solutions for the static, mobile and autonomous use of off-grid appliances.


EFOY fuel cells for leisure applications

Freedom and convenience for mobile homes, vans, boats and yachts

Once tried, never forgotten: with the EFOY fuel cells from SFC Energy installed on board, you can look forward to years of fully autonomous, maintenance-free power supplies for full batteries without any need for intervention on the part of the user. All that’s needed from time to time is a simple tank cartridge change. Mobile home and sailing boat owners have been using EFOY to provide reliable electricity far from the hubbub of camp-sites and harbours, and more and more racing boats are choosing the lightweight, quiet power supplies from SFC Energy to deliver reliability and success.


EFOY Pro in electric vehicles

In the domain of e-mobility, fuel cells are increasingly being recognised as an environmentally friendly way of generating electricity. As the leading manufacturer of fuel cells, SFC Energy is investing in research and development in order to also help shape the future for electric vehicles with clean electricity generation.


Power supply of BOS digital radio networks and backup power for critical infrastructures (KRITIS) with EFOY JUPITER fuel cells

The fully integrated, remote-controlled cabinet solutions with EFOY JUPITER fuel cells have already been used successfully in numerous radio systems. The systems are self-sufficient and uninterruptible over long periods of time to bridge the power grid failure. For an optimized and realistic situation assessment, effective, broadband communication between the site of operation and the situation centers is necessary. With conventional battery solutions a long operating reliability over several days is not feasible. Fuel cells are a reliable, environmentally friendly alternative that can also offer attractive cost and logistics advantages.
Critical infrastructures depend on a reliable power supply. Especially for the use of modern information and communication technology. EFOY JUPITER fuel cells are already in use at numerous locations to provide backup power. The fuel cell modules switch on fully automatically and take over the load at the latest 20 seconds after a power failure. Unlike conventional solutions based on diesel generators, there are no CO2 emissions. A further advantage of the EFOY JUPITER fuel cells is the low maintenance effort and the low aging tendency in standby. This ensures the system availability over long periods of time.


“Most innovative and cleanest way to supply power”

For us, the EFOY Pro fuel cell is the most innovative and cleanest way to supply power to our Mobile Autonomous Camera System (MACS). The fuel cell not only gives us the assurance that the camera will have power in any weather, but it also lengthens service intervals considerably

John Polling, CEO, @Xit, Netherlands

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