EFOY Pro Fuel Cell from SFC powers new mobile Altec security and fire watch system

• EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell multiplies autonomous and unattended op-erating time of Altec’s innovative system by a factor of 10!

• Reliable power with EFOY Pro 2200 is a true enabling solution for the demanding requirements in fire watch and construction site obser-vation applications.

• EFOY Pro 2200 offers considerable logistical advantages over exist-ing alternative power supply systems

On the occasion of SICUR, the International Security Safety & Fire Exhibition in Madrid, Spain, Altec, French specialist for innovative security, surveillance, and fire watch systems, in cooperation with SFC Smart Fuel Cell, leading supplier of fuel cell products for mobile and off-grid power applications based on fuel cells, announces the launch of Altec’s new mobile Sentinelle visual and thermal camera system for demanding fire watch and observation applications. For reliable autonomous operation over weeks, Sentinelle is powered by SFC’s EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell. The EFOY Pro equipped Sentinelle system will be rolled out internationally to private and public operators of fire watch and surveillance equipment.
When it comes to preventing forest fires or danger and theft at construc-tion sites, fire brigades and operators often face the problem of having to ensure reliable observation for defined periods of time. Many locations, where observation is needed, do not have access to the electric grid, which requires major logistics for exchanging batteries. The mobile Senti-nelle camera system can easily be transported to the site of operation. Installation takes only a few minutes. Connected to a central observation station the system is fully remote-operable. Powered by SFC’s EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell, Sentinelle will work unattended in the field for up to 20 days without requiring any user intervention, compared to only approx. 48 hours when operated by batteries alone. The logistic advantages of a ten-fold extension of unattended operating time are enormous.
“Being able to ensure 100 % reliable operation of Sentinelle away from the grid with the EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell is an important factor for ensuring the broad usability of our new technology in many applications, where secu-rity and prevention of danger or theft are critical”, says Eric Martin, Man-aging Director of Altec. “We start now with forest fire watch and construc-tion and parking site observation, but there are many more areas, where the availability of our mobile, reliable and flexible off-grid camera system with EFOY Pro fuel cell will make a major contribution to more safety.”
“We are excited that Altec, an expert in the development and produc-tion of fire watch and surveillance cameras all over Europe, has decided to join the rank of innovative industry leaders using EFOY Pro fuel cells to ensure reliable operation of their equipment away from the grid”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG. “Our EFOY Pro series is fast becoming an enabling technology in many applications that in the past, due to the limitations of battery power, had been a major logistical nightmare for their operators. EFOY Pro provides a very convenient and at the same time 100% reliable answer to their challenge.”
Trade visitors to SICUR can experience Sentinelle at the Hispamast booth 8A 04.

More information at www.sfc.com and www.efoy.com.