Buerstner Mobile Homes Now Available with EFOY Fuel Cells

• EFOY Fuel Cells available as special equipment in Buerstner mobile homes
• Reliable, independent and environmentally-friendly power generation now available ex works

Buerstner, one of the leading international manufacturers of mobile homes and caravans, has selected EFOY fuel cells for power supply in its mobile homes. Customers who buy one of a broad range of Buerstner models can now have their new vehicle equipped with EFOY fuel cells. Buerstner thus joins a large number of leading mobile home manufacturers that incorporate the environmentally-friendly power supply into their vehicles ex works. EFOY fuel cells are offered in Buerstner vehicles as an optional accessory for independent power generation. They provide reliable, emission-free power on board mobile homes, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

“EFOY fuel cells enable our customers to generate reliable, environmentally-friendly power while they travel in their mobile homes,“ says Wolf Zeidler, technical manager at Buerstner GmbH. ”They make it possible to use our mobile homes over long periods of time far away from the power grid, thereby meeting our customers’ needs for ultimate flexibility and individuality“.

“We are delighted that a successful and international manufacturer like Buerstner has selected our EFOY fuel cells for power supply in many of its vehicles“, said Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG. “This again demonstrates that our fuel cells are the modern way to generate power in a mobile home: They provide clean, reliable and quiet power”.

EFOY fuel cells are available in five different models, with charging capacities of 600, 900, 1200, 1600 and 2200 watt hours per day. The related EFOY M5 and M10 fuel cartridges with five or ten liters of fuel can be obtained at more than 1,200 sales points throughout Europe.

SFC Smart Fuel Cell will display the EFOY fuel cells at Stand A36 in Hall 13 and at the Buerstner Stand in Hall 10. The Caravan Salon will be held from 28 August (trade visitor day) to 6 September 2009 in Duesseldorf.
Mehr Informationen unter efoy.com, sfc.com und buerstner.com