SFC wins another important caravaning market award

  • EFOY Fuel Cell comes on 3rd place in 'Best Brand' Reader Award of the German motor home magazine 'promobil
  • This marks already the second time that the EFOY garners this prize in the power generator category
  • Award reflects the continuing importance of the EFOY brand in the caravanning market

Brunnthal/Munich, Germany, January 19, 2009 - In the annual reader award of the German motor home magazine 'promobil', with a circulation of approx. 80,000 Europe’s biggest caravanning publication, the journal’s reader have again awarded a prestigious third place to the EFOY fuel cell in the category 'autonomous power generation'. With this result, the EFOY brand, after winning the same place last year, has again confirmed its top tier role in this important category, beating all solar cell producers.

The 'promobil' reader awards have been a highly respected market institution for more than 20 years. Their results are regarded as an indicator for the acceptance of specific brands in the market, because the results are based on direct customer feedback. Top rank brands can count on a wide market acceptance.

'We are very proud of this confirmation from our customers, reflected in our excellent score,' says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG. 'Especially when times are as difficult as now, a strong brand and a good product image are important prerequisites for stable sales rates. Our EFOY fuel cell offers decisive advantages, eg. reliability, independence of the grid, and ultimate comfort. Motor home owners just don’t want to be without these advantages anymore.'

EFOY fuel cells by SFC are available as standard or optional equipment in the catalogues of 37 international motorhome manufacturers. The EFOY fuel cell comes in four different models: EFOY 600, EFOY 900, EFOY 1200 and EFOY 1600, offering a silent, clean and safe charging capacity of 600 to 1,600 watt hours per day for motorhomes, sailboats and holiday and mountain cabins.

EFOY fuel cells are sold at over 800 sales points all over Europe, where customers can also buy the five- and 10-litre EFOY fuel cartridges. SFC also offers the EFOY Pro series for professional industrial users. The Pro series includes three models with a charging capacity ranging from 600 to 1,600 Wh per day and is designed to meet the demanding requirements of off-grid industrial systems like security cameras, measuring and early warning sensors, traffic systems and many more applications.

About SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG

SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG (www.sfc.com) is market leader in fuel cell technologies for mobile and off-grid power applications serving the leisure, industrial and defense markets.As one of Germany’s technology pioneers, SFC has won numerous innovation awards.SFC has alliances with leading companies in a wide range of industries.Unlike most other fuel cell manufacturers, who are in the research and development phase or run subsidized demonstration projects, SFC has shipped 10,000 fully commercial products to industrial and private end users for more than four years, and has created a convenient fuel cartridge supply infrastructure. SFC is DIN ISO 9001:2000 certified. SFC is based in Brunnthal, Germany, and has a U.S. sales and technical service office in Atlanta.

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