SFC receives a new order from the German Bundeswehr to further expand fuel cell deployability in defense applications

Brunnthal, Germany, September 8, 2008 - SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG, market leader in fuel cell technology for mobile and off-grid power solutions, has again received a significant order from the German Bundeswehr amounting to approximately EUR 840,000. The order includes an agreement with the Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement to expand the deployability of SFC’s successful fuel cell technology in defense applications.

This project involves demonstrating that SFC fuel cells can be deployed even in demanding conditions - at heights up to 4,000 m and at temperatures of up to 55°C / 131 °F - with pure undiluted fuel. And the deployability of fuel cells under extreme conditions and at high temperatures, such as in a desert climate, is precisely where SFC has recently reported significant progress (see Press Release of July 14, 2008). These exciting innovations will now prove their worth in military deployment as part of the German Bundeswehr’s new technology program. This demonstration includes using SFC’s entire fuel cell program in the area of defense, from the portable fuel cells carried by soldiers, to successful mobile products that can be integrated into a vehicle, and the new FC 250 fuel cell system.

The FC 250 fuel cell was designed for field deployment as an independent source of energy that is available at all times. As part of the Bundeswehr technology program, SFC will further enhance this 250 W system so that it can be even more flexibly integrated into various types of vehicles. The system will be divided into two easy-to-carry units: an energy production unit and a tank unit. The tank unit in particular will be made more flexible and more compact. The FC 250 fuel cell allows users to reload radio batteries, observation systems and numerous other mobile devices. Its key advantages over traditional power sources such as generators include its ability to generate power with little noise and thus without being detected, its maintenance-free operation and the fact that it is over 30 times lighter than lead batteries.

This repeat order confirms the outstanding significance of SFC fuel cells in solving one of the most urgent problems faced by modern military organizations: a sufficient power supply in the field. Unlike other available power sources, these fuel cells ensure reliable use of mobile and portable energy devices anywhere in the field, at any time. 'We are very proud that our entire product portfolio will come into play in this new order from the Bundeswehr. Our defense customers are interested not only in portable fuel cells, but increasingly also in our EFOY fuel cells, which have proven themselves a thousand times over in consumer and industrial applications and which are available in special versions created specifically to meet military demands,' said Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG. 'This clearly shows that our products will be the standard power sources of choice for an increasing number of industries,' said Podesser.