SFC Energy receives follow up order by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for equipping another 242 toll inspection vehicles of the German Federal Office for Goods (BAG) with EFOY Pro fuel cell generators

  • For three years now EFOY Pro has served as autonomous power supply for BAG’s toll inspection vehicles
  • Sustainable power supply concept with fuel cell secures significant
    logistic and cost benefits for BAG

Brunnthal/Munich, Germany, June 27, 2012 – SFC Energy AG, technology and market leader for portable, mobile, and off-grid power generation and distribution, has received an order by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for equipping an additional 242 Volkswagen T5 transporters with EFOY Pro fuel cell generators. The BAG uses the vehicles all across Germany for toll inspection purposes.
Volkswagen equips the T5 transporters “ex works” with the EFOY fuel cells, thus
renewing the BAG fleet. Delivery is scheduled for this year.

The EFOY Pro fuel cell is a convenient, lightweight power generator. It produces power for the electric measuring and surveillance devices and the office equipment on board the vehicle, fully automatically and without generating any noise or emissions. As the devices are operated continuously for eight or more hours per day, batteries alone can not supply enough power. To ensure reliable power availability at any time, the EFOY fuel cell recharges the batteries on board with
environmentally friendly power, while the vehicle is stationary.

”The EFOY Pro fuel cell generator offers decisive logistical advantages to our toll inspection teams”, explains Ralf Mülhausen, BAG fleet manager. “Before, they had to connect their vehicle to the grid for recharging their batteries, or they had to idle the vehicle’s engine for a considerable amount of time, generating noise and emissions. Now they do not have to worry about power any more, the energy from the fuel cell is as silent and convenient as energy from the grid. At the same time we are significantly reducing our fleet costs and increasing our operational readiness. “

“The EFOY Pro fuel cell generator has been a success in the BAG fleet vehicles since 2009“, says Lutz Winter, Key Account Manager at Volkswagen  Commercial Vehicles. “The technology has convinced us – once installed on board, the fuel cell generates power on demand without requiring any user intervention. You don’t hear or smell anything; you do not have to switch the device on or off. Except for a fuel cartridge exchange every 3 to 4 weeks there is nothing you have to do. For our teams, who spend many hours in the vehicle every day, this is a major

“We are pleased that BAG is equipping additional vehicles with our EFOY Pro fuel cell generators, and we are proud of the cooperation with Volkswagen“, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy AG. “Volkswagen’s and BAG’s decision for our products reflects the strong benefits SFC products offer in vehicle applications, where the reliable availability of power is a must.“

SFC fuel cells generators are ideal solutions wherever a reliable and eco-friendly power supply far from the grid is required. The independent small and quiet energy packs play a decisive role in many commercial applications in the governmental sector and security field. They can easily be installed in unmanned, isolated, and remote security systems. They are deployed in border control, traffic, surveillance, monitoring, observation, events security applications. The fuel cells can also be seamlessly hybridized with other energy sources, such as solar panels. They obtain fuel from EFOY fuel cartridges, which deliver weeks and weeks of autonomous energy, depending on their size (5, 10, 28 liters) and are available at more than 1,500 sales points in Europe. SFC has created a voucher infrastructure for fuel cartridge logistics for BAG which is extremely comfortable and efficient for operators as well as drivers.

More information at www.sfc.com.

About SFC Energy AG

SFC Energy AG (www.sfc.com) is a market leader for off grid and stationary power generation and distribution. With almost 25,000 fuel cells sold the Company has successfully and globally established fully commercialized and award winning products in the Consumer, Industry, and Defense & Security markets for many years. Equally successfully, the group develops, produces and globally distributes higher level power management components, e.g. converters and switched mode power supplies. The products increasingly are delivered as power supply system solutions according to customer requirements. SFC is DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified. The Company is based in Brunnthal/Munich, Germany, and operates facilities in the Netherlands and Romania, and a sales organization in the U.S. SFC Energy AG is listed at the Deutsche Boerse Prime Standard (WKN: 756857 ISIN: DE0007568578).