Allow us to introduce ourselves

Ricarda Gauder
Product Management

What role do you have at SFC?

Ricarda Gauder: At SFC, I work as a team leader in product management. Our team looks after the products across all of SFC’s divisions, from motor home customers to demanding industrial and defence customers. We are responsible for all technical documentation, and we accompany the product throughout its entire lifecycle: from the product idea and development process to series production and after-sales.

What has your career with SFC been like?

Ricarda Gauder: I joined SFC in 2006 as a marketing specialist. Together with my colleagues, we built up the marketing department and introduced the EFOY brand. I moved to product management in 2009. Until 2013, I was responsible for our products from the leisure sector (motor homes, boats and chalets). From 2013 onwards, I also took over a few products from the defence department and since 2015 I’ve been team leader for product management.

What has your academic and professional career been like so far?

Ricarda Gauder: After studying business management in Belgium, I worked as an intern and as a temp for two years in central marketing at the BMW Group in Munich. I then joined Hoffmann und Campe Verlag as international coordinator, with responsibility for all international issues of the BMW and MINI customer magazine. From the wide world of BMW, I then moved to the newly created world of EFOY and started at SFC when the EFOY brand and the first EFOY products for the leisure market were just starting out. Having the opportunity to accompany this development was a wonderful and exciting experience.

What do you value about SFC as an employer, and why would you recommend SFC to others?

Ricarda Gauder: An enjoyable working environment, open and friendly colleagues and the opportunity to accompany a product’s development from the initial idea to its series production in a single place are what make the day-to-day work at SFC so exciting and varied. I really love the fact that, at SFC, I can also fulfil my duties working part-time, enabling me to combine my work and family life perfectly. This flexibility is vital for me.

“Exciting and varied”

As an SFC employee, I always have the opportunity to contribute my personal experiences to the company. New ideas for products or working processes are always received willingly. Through close dialogue with colleagues, we can come up with products that I – and my colleagues – can be proud of.

Ricarda Gauder, Product Management