Allow us to introduce ourselves

Alina Stoica

What role do you have at SFC?

Alina Stoica: At SFC, I work as an administrator in Purchasing. My duties include the procurement and planning of components for the ongoing production of fuel cells and accessory parts. This includes working closely with production, as well as suppliers, in order to ensure that all parts arrive on time and in the correct quantity.

What has your career with SFC been like?

Alina Stoica: I joined SFC in 2007 via a temp agency as a member of staff in Production. I was taken on permanently at the start of 2008, and from 2009 to 2015 I worked in Logistics. I’ve been looking after our suppliers in Purchasing since 2015.

What has your academic and professional career been like so far?

Alina Stoica: I completed a course to become an international retail specialist in my home country of Romania, and I’ve been in Germany since 2004.

What do you value about SFC as an employer, and why would you recommend SFC to others?

Alina Stoica: SFC appreciates your work, provides support through every phase of your life, and even allows you to take time out, for example – being family friendly is a big thing at SFC. There are also offers for health and fitness.

“The interaction of work content, colleagues and the environment works beautifully”

It’s just great working at SFC, since the interaction of work content, colleagues and the environment works beautifully. Things never get boring!

Alina Stoica, Purchasing