Allow us to introduce ourselves

Michael Harrer

What role do you have at SFC?

Michael Harrer: I work as an R&D engineer in SFC’s Development department, and I am constantly working with my two teams to make the next generation of EFOY products the best ever.

What has your career with SFC been like?

Michael Harrer: I’ve been with SFC since 2007, and after a short time I was responsible for the development and maintenance of EFOY firmware. I fulfilled this role with passion over several generations of products, until I took over as head of the test field, application technology and product development team in 2014. Since mid-2016, I’ve also been in charge of the firmware team, so in part I’ve gone back to my roots.

What has your academic and professional career been like so far?

Michael Harrer: After studying IT, I came directly to SFC.

What do you value about SFC as an employer, and why would you recommend SFC to others?

Michael Harrer: The great thing about my work is that I’m constantly being faced with new challenges and coming up with great solutions with my team.

“Turning ideas into reality”

As an R&D engineer at SFC, you have great opportunities to contribute your ideas and then see them in action in the finished product.

Michael Harrer, Development