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SFC Energy Announces the Addition of Gemeco Marine Accessories as a U.S. Marine Distributor of EFOY COMFORT Fuel Cells

SFC Energy AG today announced that it will partner with Gemeco Marine Accessories, Lake City, SC, USA, to serve as a marine distributor for the popular EFOY COMFORT fuel cells in the United States.

Gemeco Marine Accessories has been a specialist in marine products since 1980, serving marine electronics dealers, boat builders, and other marine industry professionals. The company is a leading wholesale distributor of marine products and will sell the full range of EFOY COMFORT fuel cells and fuel cartridges to customers in the Eastern and Midwest regions of the United States.

“Our appointment of Gemeco Marine Accessories as a U.S. distributor will help introduce and accelerate the adoption of an innovative solution to onboard power generation” says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “Widely recognized as marine technology experts dedicated to representing high quality manufacturers, Gemeco is an ideal partner to help us grow our brand in the U.S. market.”

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EFOY Pro fuel cell business of Canadian subsidiary Simark Controls continues with strong growth in 2016 over previous year

Simark Controls Ltd., a subsidiary of SFC Energy, has achieved a major sales increase in 2016. 2016 sales of EFOY Pro fuel cells grew by 40 percent over 2015, to CAD 1.9 million.

“The growing demand for our high quality, integrated and manufactured EFOY Pro Hybrid off-grid power solutions over the past year is due to the significant value they bring to the operators of off-grid SCADA, measurement & instrumentation, RF communications, surveillance and other mission critical assets” explains Derek L’Hirondelle, Vice President of Instrumentation, Automation & Energy at Simark Controls. “We also benefit from the strong trend in many industries towards ecologically responsible solutions with a reduced carbon footprint. EFOY Pro fuel cells produce no harmful emissions, their fuel is a simple, environmentally friendly alcohol, they operate silently and fully automatically and can be remote monitored and controlled. All this combines to make them an ideal, clean and reliable remote off-grid power source.”

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SFC Energy’s exclusive long-term partner Oneberry wins large, multi-year tender and places largest Asian single order for EFOY Pro fuel cells

SFC Energy announces the receipt of a major order for its flagship product EFOY Pro fuel cells from Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd in Singapore. The fuel cells will be used to provide reliable off-grid power for integrated security and surveillance solutions to be deployed for public security in Singapore, such as flood watch warning systems in Singapore’s underground canals, solutions for avoiding high-rise littering, illegal parking, for waste water quality monitoring, and for public events security.

“As part of the public security value chain we are committed to ensuring the highest possible reliability of our surveillance solutions for a seamless operation to secure our island borders. This is why, Oneberry chooses to invest in the most reliable power source which is the lifeline of our surveillance solutions. Confidently we are investing in EFOY Pro for its track record in thousands of deployments resulting in millions of fuel cells operation hours”, says Ken Pereira Oneberry Technologies CEO.

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SFC Energy announces delivery of Next Generation fuel cell systems (NGFC) to international defense force

SFC Energy announces a delivery of Next Generation Fuel Cell systems (NGFC) to an international defense force. The delivery has a value of EUR 0.6 million.

The NGFC system has been designed and developed under a joint development agreement (JDA) as a fully integrated power source for underground off-grid defense applications. It will power stationary off-grid applications automatically for five years with minimum user intervention. This makes it the ideal power source for covert and undercover scenarios. In the above application, the fuel cells are installed underground together with up to two hundred liters of fuel. If needed, refueling is done from above ground in just a few minutes.

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EFOY COMFORT fuel cell wins 2nd place in promobil reader survey

The EFOY COMFORT fuel cells of SFC Energy, a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, have won an important award. The Company announced this today, on the opening of CMT caravanning fair, Stuttgart, Germany.

The readers of “promobil”, Europe’s biggest motor home magazine, have once again ranked the EFOY COMFORT fuel cell among their top 3 favorite brands in the magazine’s annual reader survey. This year, EFOY achieved the prestigious second place in the power generator category. Every year, the promobil reader survey honors the most popular motor home and accessory brands on the basis of a survey performed among the magazine’s readers. The results of the survey directly reflect the winning brands’ acceptance in the market.

“We are excited to be one of the top 3 power generators again this year, in this important reader survey”, says Björn Ledergerber, Vice President Consumer & Industry of SFC Energy. “This second place for us is wonderful feedback from the many happy EFOY fuel cell owners, who have been travelling with our products for many years.“

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SFC Energy and Indian Partner receive order for fuel cells from Indian Ministry of Home Affairs

SFC Energy announces receipt and partial delivery of an order by its Indian partner, FC TecNrgy Pvt Ltd, based out of Gurgaon, Haryana, India. An Indian paramilitary border protection force under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered more than 80 SFC Energy products, accessories and more than 3,000 methanol fuel cartridges.

The Indian paramilitary force will be using SFC Energy’s EMILY 3000 and JENNY 600S fuel cells for reliably powering border protection equipment, electrical equipment and, especially, critical communication systems at border outposts, most of which are at very remote and difficult locations.

“The fuel cells bring major advantages to our customers”, says Karandeep Singh, Managing Director of FC TecNrgy. “Soldiers serving at the border outposts will benefit from major weight reductions, consistent performance and significant savings in fuel and fuel logistics, compared to the heavy generators they have been using so far and make the transition to using highly intelligent yet easy to use and maintenance free energy source in extremely remote and harsh climatic conditions. It will be our endeavor to make pre-planned and focused efforts for seamless training and installation. This will be backed up by dedicated in the region support to our customers. We see a major traction for SFC Energy’s methanol based fuel cells in India in the coming years and are jointly with SFC gearing up for leveraging this potential.”

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Martin Curtis will be appointed as President of Simark Controls Ltd.

Simark Controls, a subsidiary of SFC Energy, will have a new General Manager: Martin Curtis, effective January 1, 2017. In April 2017, Martin will also be appointed as President of Simark Controls.

Martin brings over 30 years of experience in Business Leadership, Sales Management and Application Knowledge of automation and power solutions in different markets including oil & gas, forestry, mining, manufacturing, automotive and water/wastewater. He joined Simark in March 2016 as VP Sales and in this time he has made significant contributions to driving sales through implementing and improving sales efficiencies.

“With oil prices down and investment low, increased energy efficiency, reduced production costs and intelligent automation solutions are the innovation drivers in many industries. Simark’s portfolio of high quality custom integrated and manufactured solutions delivers added value in key applications,” says Martin Curtis. “I see a large potential for Simark solutions, especially in the context of an improvement in the oil & gas industry. I am excited to exploit this potential with the Simark team.”

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SFC Energy strengthens sales focus through Executive Board changes

SFC Energy has made changes in its Management Board to strengthen the Company’s sales orientation in the attractive industrial Defense & Security and Power Product markets. As Chief Sales Officer specifically for the highly attractive defense and security segment, the Supervisory Board has appointed Marcus Binder, a proven defense expert. After 13 years as a Bundeswehr Officer, Binder was ProductLifeCycle Manager at ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, an electronic system and logistics system integrator for the Defense & Public Security, Cyber/IT and Automotive markets. Effective March 1, 2017, at the latest, Binder will initially take over sales of SFC products and services to the German defense market. Successively, it is planned that he will take over responsibility for national and international sales of SFC Energy’s fuel cells from Dr. Peter Podesser.

In the context of the changes of SFC Energy’s Management Board, the Company’s CEO, Dr. Peter Podesser, will concentrate on broadening the Company’s investor base and on the strategic development of SFC Energy. His responsibilities for the oil & gas business, research & development, human resources and operations remain unchanged. In December 2016, the Supervisory Board has extended the contract with Dr. Podesser for another three years, until March 2020.

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SFC Energy partner AG Group delivers man portable SFC Energy Network to Belgian Army

SFC Energy announces the delivery of an initial order by their distributor, autonomous energy expert AG Group (AG Systems, Chatillon la Borde, France, and AG Europe, AG Systems Genk, Belgium) for the delivery of SFC Energy’s man portable SFC Energy Network. The Belgian Special Forces will use the portable energy network to reliably power soldier devices in a wide variety of missions in austere environments. The order generated revenues to the amount of EUR 0.2 million.

AG Group are autonomous energy experts with a long experience in defense and law enforcement projects. They have been successfully distributing SFC Energy’s portable, mobile and covert power solutions to French Defense, French and Belgian security & surveillance customers, and French Law Enforcement Forces for many years.

“The Belgian Special Forces are now able to accomplish missions that are not feasible with conventional batteries or would require an enormous logistical effort. They are now compatible with the NATO forces that already fielded the SFC fuel cell and power management solutions.”, says Patrick Albert, co-founder of AG Systems and AG Europe, the SFC Energy defense partners in Benelux and France.

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SFC Energy signs Partner Agreement with FC TecNrgy Pvt Ltd for Indian Defense and Industry Markets

SFC Energy announces signature of a Partner Agreement with FC TecNrgy Pvt Ltd, Haryana, India, to promote marketing and sales of SFC Energy’s fuel cell products to the Indian defense, homeland security, and oil & gas markets.

Many Indian defense and homeland security forces operate in remote and off-grid locations, where an uninterrupted, reliable supply of power is a major logistic challenge. Another industry relying heavily on ultra reliable off-grid power is oil & gas. Here power is needed for the safe operation and surveillance of wells, pipelines and production sites at remote locations. In the past, these industries had to depend on generators and large, heavy battery banks. In the climatic conditions of India, solar modules alone cannot reliably operate power off-grid applications.

“There is an urgent need in India for alternative technologies that will reliably work in any weather and season, feature easy installation and logistics, and can be hybridized with other power sources”, says Karandeep Singh, Managing Director of FC TecNrgy Pvt Ltd. “SFC Energy’s DMFC performed well in our tests in the most difficult and challenging climatic conditions, e.g. at extremely high altitudes up to 16,500 feet and in extremely low temperatures. After one year of consistently marketing, demonstrating and validating this technology in Indian conditions we can now offer our customers in India a reliable, environmentally friendly, highly flexible power source that will bring them major operational advantages and huge savings in fuel & related fuel logistics. We see a huge potential for this technology here.”

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